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Flight experiences are your ticket to the skies! Choose from flying experiences including hot air balloon rides, flying lessons, fighter pilot missions, & scenic air tours of landscapes & cities across the US. Book for yourself or give as a gift!

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    Take to the skies for unforgettable flying experiences from Virgin Experience Gifts!

    For those who want to relax and enjoy a flight, check out scenic air tour options perfect for simply sitting back. These gift ideas for men and women offer breathtaking scenery while sipping a glass of champagne aboard a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter tour. Soar over grand expanses of water, sandy beaches, and rolling countryside on various airplane rides throughout the U.S. For a flying experience as timeless as the memories made high overhead, nothing compares to the serene float and magnificent views offered from the baskets of hot air balloon rides. And history buffs will love the chance to travel back in space and time from the cockpits of historical aircraft.

    Add a mighty ripple of adrenaline to an airborne venture by throwing some G-force, acrobatics or dogfights into the mix! Strap into a biplane and hold on tight — the most exhilarating plane ride of your life is just a few thousand feet in elevation away. An incredible rush pulses through your veins as you brave heart-pounding loops, turns, rolls, spins and more!

    Want to add some friendly competition to the clouds? Make unforgettable memories trying your hand at being a true Top Gun! Hop into an authentic combat jet and tackle a true fighter pilot mission! Engage in real aerial dogfights with laser 'ammo,' receiving top-notch instruction on the spot from military pros.

    With flying experiences like these from coast to coast (as well as classics like skydiving and paragliding), your spirit soar will soar with delight in no time!


    Earn you wings with flying experiences that put you in the pilot's seat!

    Whether you want to learn how to fly an airplane, take a scenic air tour by helicopter, float away on one of aviation's most timeless aircraft, or anything in between — Virgin Experience Gifts is the hub for experience gifts that defy gravity.

    Leave land far behind with fun gifts for men and women flying experiences that put you right into the pilot's seat of an airplane, helicopter or glider. All flight lessons are conducted by FAA certified flight instructors, via aviation schools who have been fully vetted out as top-notch experts in the industry. Students can expect to enjoy an outing that entails a brief ground orientation, which typically covers the construction of the plane, control panel overview, crew communication techniques, and air traffic control (ATC) conversations and monitoring. This is usually followed by assisting the instructor with the pre-flight inspection of the aircraft.

    Then it's time to buckle up and head for the air up there! While instructors typically must handle taxi, take-off and landing due to FAA regulations, students receive an entirely hands-on lesson on how to fly once at cruising altitude. Topics and skills covered generally include straight-line flight, how to maintain altitude and handle turbulence, left and right turns, keeping compass, judging throttle speed, ascending and descending, and plenty more.