Indoor Skydiving Experiences

Feel the rush in a safe, contained environment with an indoor skydiving experience. Browse skydiving simulators & wind tunnel skydiving in a variety of locations across the US. Book an indoor skydiving experience for yourself or give as a gift today!

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  • Unforgettable Indoor Skydiving Experiences for All!

    Bring outdoor thrills inside with the sheer exhilaration of indoor skydiving experiences!

    Ever had a hankering to don some sweet skydiving gear and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime... but also been a wee bit hesitant about the whole "jumping out of an airplane" part of it?

    Well now you can satisfy that hunger to spread your wings, with neither a plane nor a parachute required! With indoor skydiving locations available from coast to coast. Great gifts for men and women, it's never been easier to experience the safe and surreal sensation of flying.

    A brief training class preps participants on what to expect when skydiving indoors, such as basics of body flight in a wind tunnel, and what sort of hand signals to use during your session. Feeling ready to roll (or soar, that is)? Then it's time to suit up in real skydiving gear—because even without a plane, this experience is one heck of an adventure sport! Zip up a jump suit, strap on a helmet and goggles, and grab some ear plugs, elbow pads and knee pads.

    Your indoor skydiving experience takes place in a vertical wind tunnel—the same sort used by professional skydivers for training. The air in the flight chamber is forced upwards from a trampoline surface at breathtaking speeds of about 120 MPH. This allows participants to gradually "float" above the surface, accompanied by the expert supervision of certified instructors. This one-on-one time in the tunnel allows your instructor to assess your skill level, and assist with possible attempts of basic maneuvers like turns, ascending, descending, and moving forwards and backwards.

    Just when you thought this couldn't get any better or more exciting, it does! How old do you have to be to go skydiving? When it comes to indoor skydiving experiences, participants can be as young as three years old to enjoy this unforgettable adventure. So round up family and friends to celebrate a special occasion with high-flying fun for all! Or give this memorable Virgin Experience Gifts gift to any recipient ranging from young to young at heart.