Need to shake up the same old routine of things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend? When the typical “dinner and a movie” just isn’t making the cut anymore, it’s usually time to add some zest to your weekend date ideas.

Delight in a variety of options like goofy shenanigans, romantic getaways, cute things to do with your boyfriend to embrace autumn, ways to unleash your inner artists, and much more!

So out with the old and in with the new! (Old plans that is… hang on to that special person of yours!) Make an ordinary Friday, Saturday and Sunday extraordinary. Experience crisp air, crunchy leaves and cozy together-time with these 77 unique date ideas that will make your fall unforgettable!


1. Cozy Up to a Campfire

Enjoy an evening of tantalizing flames in the backyard or out in nature. The warm, romantic glow of the fire will be pretty fun too (*wink, wink*). Especially if it involves s’more. Made with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. *Yum!* Don’t have a firepit? Bring the outdoor adventures inside with this Date Night in a Box!

romantic date night ideas with boyfriend


2. Find Some Fireworks

Watching impressive pyrotechnics light up the sky is one of the best things to do with your boyfriend on a date. They never go out of style, and it’s tough to tear your eyes away from the bursting beauty. Unless, of course, it’s to steal a smooch or two against the dazzling backdrop. Check social media to find free displays that may be presented after events like local ball games, fundraisers, etc.

things to do with your boyfriend on friday


3. Go Camping

Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind for some peace and quiet. Take to the great outdoors to savor some quality time together. Between wildlife sightings and changing leaf colors, you’re bound to behold a bunch of gorgeous scenery as well.

fun outdoor adventures with your boyfriend


4. Head Out Hiking

In the spirit of outdoor adventures to do with your boyfriend over the weekend, why not hit the trails? Pick a path that has your preferred level of challenge. Then get lost in the wonders of the wilderness together.If you’d rather hike with a group, then you won’t want to miss these unforgettable hiking experiences!

romantic things to do


5. Random Road Trip

One of the most fun, spontaneous things to do with your special someone is to just jump in a car and drive. Buckle up and see where the road takes you. Take on as many twists, turns and miles as your hearts desire. Drive until you don’t want to anymore. And explore wherever you end up. (Then thank your lucky GPS for easily finding your way back.)

afternoon date ideas with boyfriend


6. Lace Up Bowling Shoes

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with resorting to a classic when you’re looking for things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend. Line those pins up and knock ‘em down for a fun-filled afternoon or evening on the lanes with your main squeeze.

fun date night ideas


7. Be an Arcade Junkie

Add a little bit of retro-love to your Friday or Saturday date night ideas. Swing by a hot spot that boasts the likes Pacman, TMNT, skeeball, pinball galore, and much more. Be sure each of you is armed with plenty of quarters. Then let the games begin!

fun stuff to do with friends


8. Local Fair or Festival

The romance behind taking a spin through one of these can’t be underestimated. Bask in the atmosphere of fall sights and smells, amusement rides, goofy games, caramel apples and cotton candy, cheesy music, and lots of lovable photo opps!

cute date ideas with boyfriend on friday


9. Root for the Home Team

Check out a local sporting event. Whether it’s a major or minor league game, you won’t be able to beat the atmosphere. With endless amounts of cheering, cold beverages and greasy food, it’s no wonder this is such a good time. Add some matching face paint, and you’ve got on heck of a cute thing to do on the weekend with your boyfriend!

sport events to do as a couple


10. Visit a Seasonal Outdoor Hot Spot

There’s no time like the present to dig into all that autumn has to offer! Take advantage of fun date ideas for an afternoon or evening like going to a pumpkin patch, harvest festival, farmer’s market or apple orchard.

fun fall dates with boyfriend


11. Brave A Haunted House

What’s better to do on an October weekend with your boyfriend than get your spook on?! Most cities have at least a dozen haunted happenings in their immediate or nearby areas. So find a winner and go get scared silly! Or, visit some of America’s most bone-chilling locations with these amazing ghost tours.

fall date ideas for couples


12. Conquer a Corn Maze

For slightly less of a scream-fest, find a local corn maze and run amok together. But hurry! You never know what creatures of the night are stalking you among the endless rows of eerie husks, lurking around the dark corners.

fall dates ideas for boyfriend on a friday


13. Pizza in the Park

Basically, this weekend date idea with your boyfriend is two “P”s in a pod. Imagine spreading a blanket out on plush grass, surrounded by warm fall sunshine and a slight breeze. Pop open bottle of wine and a box of fresh pizza pie. And you have the ultimate afternoon without even trying!

cute things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend


14. Laugh Your Bums Off

Attend a local comedy show! Leave reality and serious conversation behind, and go crazy with a giggling crowd. While it’s no guarantee all of the material will be appropriate (is it ever?), you can rest assured your cheeks will hurt afterwards from all the smiles.

fun date night ideas


15. Board Games and Wine

Nothings says “fun things to do with your boyfriend” quite like a little bit of friendly board game competition. Bust out a glorious combo of old favorites from years past, plus some new gems. Pour a glass of wine for you and your competition. Raise the stakes with some bets. And then it’s game(s) on!

friday night date ideas with boyfriend


16. Try to Become a YouTube Sensation

Your hidden talents won’t be so secret anymore (*ahem, please keep it appropriate*). Use the unstoppable and often viral power of the world wide web to reveal them to the masses. You two just might be the next big thing! Songs, dancing, or any other tricks that may be up your sleeves are all welcome.

things to do with your boyfriend at home


17. Re-Decorate Thrifty Home Décor

Searching for things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend, if it’s soggy or chilly? Pick out some thrift shop home goods that could use some TLC. Then give them a makeover. A fresh coat of paint. A new color. Or a bit of creative re-purposing. All guilt-free purchases that are easy on the wallet and bring hours of entertainment.

unique date ideas


18. Give an Art Class a Go

Inspire each other’s creative juices and learn the tricks to a fun new trade! Find a lesson for painting, woodworking, glassblowing, pottery, or any other type of crafty medium you can dream up. You don’t have to be a master to design a masterpiece fit for your home.

creative date night ideas with your boyfriend


19. Pay It Forward

Be a part of something bigger than yourselves! Engage in a volunteer opportunity to contribute to your community. Believe it or not, this is one of those romantic date ideas that will make you even more mushy for your main squeeze.

things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend


20. Bike ‘n’ Brews Cruise

A rather well-known gent once reminded us all that on the freakin' weekend, you best be about to have you some fun. So bust out those bicycles for an extra-fun date to do with your boyfriend this Saturday and Sunday. The work week is o-v-e-r, so relax with some cold brews and fresh air!

cute afternoon date ideas with boyfriend


21. Play in the Park

This is a genuine winner when it comes to things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend. And is not to be confused with the Shakespearean variety of the word (although that works, too, if it’s available). Lounge on the grass, bump a volleyball, toss a Frisbee… Just enjoy some good, clean fun in the fall sun.

fun stuff to do on the weekend


22. Free(ish)Live Music Venue

You don’t have to go to an extravagant concert to enjoy some quality jams together. If you’re on the hunt for fun stuff to do with your boyfriend this weekend, scope out some smaller gigs at local venues. Chances are, you’ll be impressed by your neighbors’ talents. And won’t break the bank as you support local artists.

fun things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend


23. Taste a New Ice Cream Shop

Tempt your insides into embracing the chill-factor that’s slowly taking over fall temps. Let your taste buds delight in frozen treats from a hot spot you haven’t yet tried! It’s impossible to be sad eating ice cream, so get ready to enjoy quality time together that will melt both of your hearts.

romantic date ideas


24. Billiards and Beer

Beer is a great pairing for a lot of things in this world. But few will argue about its natural partnership with billiards. If Mother Nature strikes again and you’re searching for things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend to stay warm, a solid dive bar is sure to come to the rescue!

fun stuff to do with boyfriend


25. A Bookstore is a Novel Idea

Need more ideas for dodging a chilly day? Grab a cozy coffee and wander the aisles together, lost in endless mystery, romance, suspense, sci-fi and more! Buy each other’s top pick, and relax for a few nights of reading beside one another. Talk about a cute thing to do with your boyfriend!

things to do with your boyfriend on friday


26. Dinner and a Movie at Home

This romantic date night often goes overlooked. But honestly, how often do we relax at home with our S.O., without doing anything else? No phones, background TV, chores, etc. Take advantage of quality down-time and each other’s good company. Sip wine, cook dinner, then cuddle on the couch.

things to do with boyfriend at home


27. Play BINGO Somewhere

BINGO has no age restrictions, no matter what the world tries to tell you. And neither does luck. So put the two together, and get in on a lively game of it for some laughs. And maybe even score some extra cash, too!

fun stuff to do with friends


28. Video Chat

This is a perfectly romantic thing to do with your boyfriend this weekend, assuming you two are any number of miles apart. Make some time to see each other’s sweet faces thanks to modern technology. A little connecting when you aren’t together can go a long way.

long distance date ideas


29. Play Laser Tag

Legit question: when was the last time you did this? Let the good times roll again with a blast from your childhood past! This fun indoor adventure with your boyfriend will not disappoint. Go get trigger-happy together—bonus points if you hit up a happy hour beforehand.

date night ideas


30. Roller Skating Rink

Since we’re on the topic of throwbacks, this list of things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend absolutely would not be complete without this epic outing. See if you still have the spry coordination to make it around the rink unscathed. Then get ready for the always anticipated partner-skate!

fun things to do with friends


31. Private Wine and Cheese Soiree

In terms of fun things to do at home with your special guy, this one is tops! Not only because it’s cute as can be, but also because you can customize it to be as thrifty or extravagant as your taste buds wish. Put a picnic blanket on the floor. Add a bottle or two of vino, a plate of favorite cheeses, and some background tunes.

cute date ideas with boyfriend


32. Enjoy the Great Outdoors (Without Any Electronics)

This should be one of those things to do outside with your boyfriend that needs no explanation. Just get ready to remember the most vibrant memories, conversations and mental pictures you’ve ever collected in your life… screen-free.

outside dates with boyfriend


33. Play Bar Games

If the both of you share a competitive edge, these simple games will bring inexhaustible fun on an afternoon or evening. Shuffleboard, darts, cornhole and any other games offered at a local watering hole can make for fantastic date ideas! And better yet, loser buys the last round.

what to do with your boyfriend on friday


34. Take in a Tasting

There are endless ways to tantalize the taste buds within any city’s limits. So venture away from your ‘norm’ to try new kinds of food and drink: beer, wine, whiskey, local grub, chocolates, and plenty more.

unique weekend date night ideas


35. Make an Escape By Boat

The air may be crisp, but the sunshine can still be warm ‘n’ sweet. So why not soak it up from the water? The simple rental of a canoe, rowboat or pedal boat will do just the trick! And it will offer a wee bit of exercise, too.

cute things to so this weekend with your boyfriend


36. Rent a Tandem Bicycle

Double the outdoor fun with a two-seater! Besides being a downright blast, this is one of those things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend that secretly works as a ‘trust test.’ See if you each have confidence in the other’s ‘driving’ skills. And if you actually help carry the weight when pedaling.

fun stuff to do with boyfriend


37. Candy Corn Eating Contest

This goofy date night idea is not for the faint of stomach. Enter this challenge at your own risk. Go in rounds of 10 pieces. And don’t stop until your opponent simply can’t handle any more sugar intake. It may not be the healthiest of conquests, but it also won’t be soon forgotten.

fall activities


38. Brunch in Bed

One of the cutest things to do with your main squeeze is to combine pillow talk with delicious eats and bubbly treats! Regardless of who creates the tasty spread—just make sure bacon and mimosas are somehow involved… and your day will be off to the best start ever.

romantic things to do with your boyfriend


39. Buy the Biggest Pumpkin at the Patch

This is one of the world’s most goofy, hilarious things to do as a couple. So what are you waiting for? Literally, the sheer magnitude of this endeavor automatically makes it a giant memory together you’ll never forget.

fun stuff to do this fall


40. Public Transportation Adventure

If you are lucky enough to own a car, it’s a safe bet you don’t use public transportation all that much. So why not branch out? If there’s a train or bus system in town, hop aboard it! Buy a ticket without an agenda, grab a seat, and see where it takes you!

cute weekend date ideas


41. Attend a Facebook Event

Find out what hot happenings are taking place near your neck o’ the woods. Especially if you’re looking for last-minute things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend, Facebook is a great place to start. You’ll come across a range of events—from free to ticketed, casual to classy, themed to therapeutic, and tons of options in-between.

weekend date ideas with boyfriend


42. Take a Scenic Drive

Autumn is one of Mother Nature’s most magical times of the year. Embark on a road trip to see the trees brilliantly set afire for yourselves. Whether you cover massive amounts of miles or just a few, enjoy the colorful scenery and conversation that comes with cruisin’ along winding roads.

what to do this weekend with your boyfriend


43. Sweat It Out

Want to try a weekend activity with your main man that’s the picture of good health? Squeeze in a workout! Get those endorphins going strong with a gym session or a run in the fresh air together. Plus, burning calories and pumpin’ iron is much more fun as a pair.

what to do with your boyfriend this weekend


44. Go ATV’ing

Strap on a helmet and tap into your wild sides! Enjoy an outdoor adventure with your significant other that comes with a solid dose of adrenaline. ATV’ing is a fantastic way to spend some weekend time exploring unique landscapes and creating some tall tales to tell later!

fun things to do this weekend with your boyfriend


45. Bake a Cake

Not sure what it is, but any type of food prep is that much more brilliant with wine. And this yummy thing to do on the weekend with your boyfriend is no exception. So pop a bottle open, then get baking! It’s safe bet that the fermented juices you enjoy will also help with the decorating part. And then be sure to eat your cake too, of course.

romantic date night ideas


46. Hone Sports Skills (or Lack Thereof)

We all have certain sports that could use some practice. As odd as it may sound, find one that both of you are (shall we say) “awkward” at… then work on skills together. Not only may you become slightly better at it, but you’re sure to share some robust laughs in the process.

afternoon date ideas with boyfriend


47. Impromptu BBQ

This is a fun thing to do on the weekend with friends or just the two of you. No prior planning is necessary. Just an afternoon or evening where you realize you have nothing to do. Head to the store to grab some meat, cold ones, sides, and tiki torches. Then fire up that grill and feast!

fun stuff to do on the weekend


48. Indulge in a Spa Day

Let all of your cares drift away as you soak up some R&R together. Treat yourselves to a day at a professional spa venue. Or, indulge in a DIY day, full of romantic things to do with your boyfriend at home: massages, masks, bubble baths, soothing music, and maybe even some tea or bubbly.

romantic date ideas for the weekend


49. Fondue for Two

This date night idea is a wonderful alternative to the usual “going out to eat” regime. Assuming you both are fans of cheese and chocolate, that is. And with all the warm, melted goodness it entails, it’s perfect for enjoying on a brisk fall evening.

unique weekend ideas with boyfriend


50. Movie Theater Date

In these days of Netflix and OnDemand TV, it’s sometimes rare to go to an actual cinema anymore. (What happened to the date nights where that was the thing to do on the weekend with your boyfriend?!) So splurge a little! See a flick on the BIG screen, complete with popcorn, soda and candy.

things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend


51. DIY Driveway Oil Change

Get your hands dirty and save some cash! If it’s time to show your car some routine TLC, this is a unique way to solve the “what to do with your boyfriend on a date” dilemma. Ditch dinner and movie for oil and grease. And learn a pretty helpful how-to skill, too!

unique things to do with boyfriend


52. Bob for Apples

You know what they say. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. So if you haven’t yet tried this “it” game that’s featured in movies and parties galore, give it a go! It doesn’t have to be in public—it can be goofy entertainment in the comfort of your own home.

fun stuff to do with friends


53. Football Tailgating

Fall means football, whether you want it to or not. If he likes the sport and you like the spirit, or vice versa, live the best of both worlds together. Don your most festive threads and team colors, and crack open some cold ones in the parking lot for a fun afternoon date idea with your boyfriend.

fun friday dates with boyfriend


54. Go Skydiving

It may sound cliché, but if this hasn’t been scratched off both of your bucket lists just yet, then it’s time to prepare for take-off. An outdoor adventure with your boyfriend like this is one for the books. Already taken the outside plunge? Then try indoor skydiving for a new twist on an old favorite!

things to do outside this weekend with your boyfriend


55. Watch a Classic Film Neither of You Have Seen

This likely needs no further explanation. And you’ll get extra “Power Couple” bonus points if you physically rent it as a DVD from somewhere, instead of simply buying a download. (Eek, are DVDs really that ‘vintage’ already?!)

romantic things to do this weekend with your boyfriend


56. Advanced Christmas Gift Shopping

Believe it or not, the time for decking the halls is nearly upon us! So spare yourselves the November-December crowds at the malls. Start shopping and stashing away now. Then you’ll have more time to enjoy fun, festive activities and holiday date ideas together later.

things to do with boyfriend on friday


57. Make Caramel Apples

Simply put, this fall favorite is another must-do! It proves that you can find cute, creative things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend that he's game for, especially when it involves food. Making these ooey-gooey gems will be just as fun as eating them!

things to do with boyfriend on a fall weekend


58. Too-Colorful Twister

So far we’ve talked about fall colors. And we’ve talked about gettin’ dirty. Let’s combine those two! Add a few splashes of finger paint to corresponding Twister dots. Don some old clothes, then you know what to do. Spin, stretch, repeat!

creative things to do with boyfriend at home


59. Donate Some BRAND NEW Items to Charity

Those who are less well off than others are people, too. Who desire and deserve to live with a certain amount of dignity—even if it’s not always the most viable option for them. So lend humanity a hand. Buy a few new clothing items and take them straight to a donation center. Who knows, it could help someone who desperately needs interview attire to land that job and turn their circumstances around.

things to do as a couple


60. Plan a “Good” Event to Do

On the note of helping others, as well as Christmas coming, why not use an hour or two to brainstorm a charitable activity you both can spearhead? Plan a toy, canned food, hygiene or clothing drive. And woah—selfless things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend like this will make him look extra-hot, from the inside out.

thigns to do this weekend with friends


61. Learn a Funny Human Trick

One of the best things about being in a couple is that you know each other’s ‘freak flags’ and can help to proudly fly them. Ahh, true love. Take that lovin’ to the next level by learning a quirky new talent together—juggling, tongue-tied cherry stems, licking elbows, you get the idea.

fun stuff to do


62. Plan a Garden

From staking out space to make it, to planning what to grow, or even planting bulbs, this is a wonderful fall activity to do with your S.O. In addition, it will give you something to look forward to for spring and summer. And, it's an especially nice project if you prefer more productive types of date ideas.

outdoor date ideas with boyfriend


63. Random Discount-Site Outing

Nothing can help you figure out last-minute things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend better than scrolling through online activity deals! Head over to your favorite app or website, and discover endless possibilities that will keep you entertained and making fun memories.

fun weekend things to do with boyfriend


64. Decorate for Halloween

Bust out some spook-tacular décor to get your place ready for a frightfully fun season! Disclaimer: this may or may not mean an impromptu trip to a favorite certain home goods store is necessary—which makes it a great weekend outing already. #winning!

cute things to do this weekend as a couple


65. Design a Centerpiece

Wondering what to do with your boyfriend on a Friday night? Why, take a romantic stroll that lets your love for Pinterest shine, of course! Collect authentic seasonal items as you amble along. Then arrange them in a bowl or vase, creating a beautiful fall display: stones, colorful leaves, pine cones, and maybe a few small store-bought enhancers (like cinnamon sticks) if needed.

unique things to do this weekend


66. Plan A Couple-Themed Halloween Costume

The sooner you do this, the better. Because one, the Halloween stores won’t be overly crowded or picked over. And two, you can take your time carefully putting together any details that really tie your look together to wow the masses.

fun fall activities with boyfriend


67. Eat Pumpkin-Everything

It may not be the most traditional of date ideas, but that’s what makes it desirable. Consider it a fall food challenge. Whether this means pumpkin-flavored foods, or anything that looks like a pumpkin—try to make it your diet for the day, just for kicks. We’re talking pumpkin bread, soup, roasted seeds, beers, cookies, etc. But do your body a favor: don’t go more than 24 hours with this festive fun.

fun things to do in the weekend with boyfriend


68. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hands down, this is absolutely one of the most romantic things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend, ever. Marvel at the awe-inspiring mosaic of fall colors from high overhead, instead of crunching them under foot.

romantic things to do on the weekend


69. Rake Leaves for Someone

Enjoy a beautiful autumn afternoon with your beloved, while lending a helping hand. Whether it’s an elderly neighbor, a busy parent, a coworker with a bad back, or anyone with a yard you’d like to spruce up!

things to do this weekend


70. Go to a Theme Party

Stuck in a Halloween costume idea rut? Find some inspiration at a local theme party! Nearly every major area hosts at least ONE somewhere in the city limits each weekend—at a bar, fundraiser, social league/club, etc. It’s not just the perfect way to ‘pre-game’ for the 31st, but it’s also a fun thing to do with your boyfriend on a Friday night.

things to do with friends on the weekend


71. Learn a New Way to Move ‘n’ Groove

Unleash your inner rhythm with a one-off dance lesson. Try a few new steps together with something casual like line dancing, catchy like salsa, classy like ballroom, or anything in-between that gets your feet movin’ to a hot beat.

things to do with your boyfriend on friday night


72. DIY Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Spend a Friday or Saturday with a cute date night idea that satisfies a sweet tooth. A pint or two of vanilla ice cream, an endless supply of tasty toppings, and as much whipped cream as you both can handle should do the trick.

weekend date ideas


73. Themed Ethnic Eats

For an extra-fun thing to do on the weekend with your boyfriend at home, don’t just make any ol’ dinner together. Plan culturally-inspired cuisine from apps, to main course, dessert, and maybe even drinks! Whether it’s something you’ve made before or an entirely new foreign feast, go all out.

date night ideas with boyfriend


74. Make Your Own Hot Apple Cider

Add a bit of spice and maybe even some “spike” to a vat of warm deliciousness. The mere aroma will make your house smell oh-so-cozy! Then grab some popcorn or donut holes, pop in a favorite fall flick, and snuggle up under a blanket together.

cute fall things to do with boyfriend


75. Paint Pumpkins

Carving is so last year. Well, not really—it’s pretty timeless. But painting your Halloween pumpkins this year will help to ensure they live long and prosper as well, with innards fully intact. Put a new spin on a wine ‘n’ paint night, and give a cute gourd a gorgeous (or ghoulish) new look.

cute things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend


76. Stay in a B&B

Sometimes the best things to do on the weekend with your boyfriend mean doing nothing at all. For a nice, low-maintenance getaway that can’t be beat, head to a bed-and-breakfast for some quality rest and relaxation. Or, check out these incredible overnight retreats! From murder mystery weekends to fairytale getaways, you won’t want to miss these relaxing adventures.

weekend trips with your boyfriend


77. Make Apple Pie Infused Bourbon

With the wealth of information available on the internet, it’s easy to find a recipe for this that will win you over. Once crafted, enjoy some quiet time sipping on the porch or around your fire pit. Bonus points if one of you has a guitar to strum as well.

fun fall date ideas with boyfriend

After reading these 77 ideas, we hope you and your boyfriend have the perfect autumn weekend. If you’re still not sure of your agenda, don’t miss out on even more one-of-a-kind activities!