Think about the best exotic cars in the world. What comes to mind?

Take a moment to wonder about the hundreds of vehicles (whether they carry an ‘exotic’ label or not) that sit in dealerships, just waiting to be driven off the lot. These rides come in all shapes, sizes, colors, curves and adventure potential.

Add a splash of exotic car bodies and engines to the mix, and the world of wheels becomes even more enticing. And in a way that goes beyond the classic Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini.

Just have a look at this list of exotic cars that we think make the cut as the crème de la crème of the auto world. Of course, it’s just our humble opinion, but we’re pretty sure these fabulous, unique foreign cars from around the globe are guaranteed to make any car-lover’s heart skip a beat.


Spain’s Best Exotic Car: The Biscúter

Pronounced “bisk-ooter,” this tiny and amusing-looking foreign car brought big joy to its lucky owners. Manufactured in Spain in the mid 20th century, it was created with the intent of being small, simple, and economically savvy. The Biscúter was described as a scooter with four wheels, and quickly earned the nickname, Zapatilla — which means “little shoe,” thanks to its clog-like appearance.

Originally, the body was built out of aluminum, but steel came in to play as the design progressed, along with the addition of doors and windows. Only 12,000 total Biscúters were ever produced. Today, they are regarded as a rare exotic car collectible among auto enthusiasts. So if you care to check one out in person and don’t happen to have a best friend who is an owner, your best bet is to venture over to the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum in Georgia.


Italy’s Best Exotic Car: The Lotus Essex Turbo Esprit

Originally known as the Lotus Esprit, this foreign car was branded a luxury supercar and manufactured from 1975-1978. There were some electrical problems found with the original design, so Italian automobile guru Giorgetto Guigiaro went back to the drawing board to outsmart some of the issues. As a result, the beauty now known as the Lotus Essex Turbo Esprit evolved. Implementing a number of design improvements, this baby became supercar material.

While the original Lotus Esprit model could reach a top speed of 126 MPH, the Turbo left this achievement in the dust, offering 153 MPH bragging rights. Even with its enhancements, this model was also more accessible to the Average Joe. Although built with amenities like air conditioning, leather seats, and a stereo, this exotic car came with an appealing price tag, which increased the sales volume of the vehicle. And to add to its popularity and reputation, it was featured in the 1981 For Your Eyes Only James Bond film!


Switzerland’s Best Exotic Car: The Koenigsess CC8S

No list of exotic cars is complete without this Swedish phenomenon. The Koenigsess CC8S was crafted by Christian von Koenigsegg, whose main focus was to create the perfect supercar. He came pretty close. This specific exotic car model was manufactured from 2002-2004 and could reach an impressive top speed of 242 MPH.

As a coup, the auto showcases just two seats and two doors. But not just any doors — dihedral syncro-helix actuation doors, which have become a trademark design for this exotic car brand. It also sports a removable hard top that can be stowed. The Koenigsess CC8S has won notable recognition and awards for its design, and it is even featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Powerful Production Engine.


Italy’s (Other) Best Exotic Car: The Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale

Stradale means “road-going” in Italian, so it’s no wonder how this fast ‘n’ flashy exotic car earned its name. Manufactured from only 1967 to 1969, just 18 of these ever were made. This foreign car was the first auto model to feature dihedral doors. Another unique asset was its windows, which were designed to curve up on top of the car and appear on the roof. Built by hand, the aluminum body allowed for the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale to hit 60 MPH in under 6 seconds, and reach a top speed of 160 MPH.

And it’s no wonder this may be one of the best exotic cars on the planet. In 1968, this remarkable vehicle was the most expensive car available to the public, ringing up at $17,000. Need some perspective on that number? The average cost of a car at the time was around $2,800. That said, it’s probably no surprise that the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale also made an appearance on Top Gear’s 100 Sexiest Cars, coming in hot at #15.


Germany’s Best Exotic Car: The Gumpert Apollo

This gorgeous German creation came from the minds of Roland Gumpert and Roland Mayer. Gumpert asked Mayer to help him build an unforgettable exotic sports car, and the two also enlisted the design talents of Marco Vanetta seal the deal. The premise of the car was that it would be a street-legal race car. It could race around the track, but also easily double as transportation to the supermarket.

Gumpert’s vision for the car was for it to be the best possible engineered while having amazing aerodynamics with an outside design as sleek and beautiful as possible. By January 2005, there were two Apollo prototypes on the road, allowing for production of this top foreign car to begin a few months later in October.


America’s Best Exotic Car: The Fisker Karma

And at last we come to an American-made car. The Fisker Karma has been in production since 2011. Unlike most of the other exotic cars showcased above, it is a four door sedan that seats four people. This sweet set of wheels is truly unique and ahead of its time thanks to its supplemental energy sources: a battery pack and a solar-powered roof.  The solar panels help recharge the battery, while also controlling the climate inside the car. And the engine, you ask? It gets this puppy reaching 60 MPH in just 6.3 seconds and peaking at a top speed of 125 mph.

During production, there was one unfortunate problem that the Fisker Karma faced. Some of the cars were recalled due to battery fires caused by coolant leaks. Luckily, the issue was rectified and there were no recorded injuries from a fire. And thanks to this exotic car’s eco-friendly nature, it’s safe to say this car is still most certainly a smokin’ hot commodity!

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