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Our exceptional lifestyle, cultural, & art experience gifts include city walking tours, wine tasting events, gourmet food tasting, art classes, fine dining & more! Book a cultural experience or give as a gift today!

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    How To Experience A City For Real

    Every city has a unique history that defines it, from the geography of the place to the ethnic groups that have settled there. Really getting to know a city is like falling in love: it takes some effort but once you've discovered its secrets you'll never want to let go.


    Virgin Experience Gifts makes giving unique gifts for men and women possible for everyone to experience many different cities across the U.S. in unique and exciting ways. Because each experience is meant to be gifted the possibilities for exploration are truly exciting!


    Great Times To Gift A Life & Culture Experience From Virgin Experience Gifts:

    • Take a friend, loved one, or family member to explore your hometown
    • When traveling to a new city
    • When someone you know moves to a new city
    • When you need an exciting new date night
    • For Father's Day, Mother's Day, or Valentine's Day

    What Kinds Of Life And Culture Experiences Do We Offer?

    Virgin Experience Gifts has an incredible inventory of one-of-a-kind experiences that make exploring any city a memorable moment. They fall into four general categories:


    Urban AdventuresUrban Adventures

    Bike tours, helicopter tours, heck, we even have Segway tours! Virgin Experience Gifts's urban adventures encourage you to get out and experience the city of your choice in a way you've never experienced it before. Get a unique perspective and have fun doing it with one of these awesome adventures!


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    Food ToursFood Tours

    Everybody knows that a true window into the heart of a city lies in its food, right? Virgin Experience Gifts has incredible food, chocolate, beer, and wine tours in dozens of cities across the U.S. These tours go beyond just tasting the food and also dig deep into cultural and architectural context, which is precisely why all of these tour operators are top rated.


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    Photography ToursPhotography

    Add a whole new element to any city tour by capturing perfect moments with the help of a professional photography guide. Whether you're exploring your hometown or really getting to know a new place, there's nothing quite as engaging - and permanent - as addingthe places you find to a photo album.


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    Arts And Crafts Experience GiftsThe Arts

    Every city has its own brand of art, and there's nothing quite as engaging as participating in the art scene in that city. Virgin Experience Gifts is proud to feature some very unique artistic experiences, from glass blowing workshops to wine and painting lessons and even mural painting!


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