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Pilot training is your ticket to sky-high freedom! Learn to fly airplanes, helicopters, gliders & more with our collection of introductory flight lessons in Dallas. Book for yourself, or find a unique gift for the aspiring pilot in your life!

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    Hover to bold, new heights. Learn to fly in Dallas aboard a real helicopter!

    Looking for things to do in Dallas that will give your favorite guy or gal wings? Virgin Experience Gifts has the perfect flying lessons available to do just that — complete with propellers, professional pilot instructors, and unforgettable airborne memories!

    Learn to fly a Schweizer 300C helicopter high over rolling Texan landscapes. Begin your pilot training with a brief ground orientation. An FAA certified flight instructor provides an overview of what to expect from the hands-on flying lesson, while also introducing you to fascinating facts surrounding aviation and helicopter flights. Assist with the pre-flight inspection of the aircraft, then buckle up and prepare for take-off!

    Relish the unparalleled thrill of learning how to fly during a 30-minute helicopter lesson that puts you right at the aircraft's controls. Your instructor provides on-the-spot coaching from right beside you, as you launch the chopper from the pilot's seat.

    Practice basic maneuvers like hovering, ascending, descending, and horizontal flight. And don't forget to take in the breathtaking scenery as you cruise along on this incredible Learn To Fly Experience from in Dallas!

    Looking for more flight lessons to check out? Virgin Experience Gifts offers a variety of aviation adventures across the nation. Explore airplane lessons, paragliding, skydiving, flight simulations, fighter pilot missions, and plenty of other flying experiences — available in various major city regions throughout the US!