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Looking for the best adventure experience or activity gift? Look no further! Drive an exotic car, learn to fly, rock climb, skydive, bungee jump, & more! Find the perfect adventure experience or gift in Austin today.

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  • Adventure Abounds!


    Virgin Experience Gifts's Austin experience gifts come loaded with adrenaline-pumping activities to satisfy every sort of thrill-seeker out there!

    Get into the pilot's seat of an aircraft to launch into the flight of a lifetime! Choose from outings like airplane, helicopter, or glider flying lessons. Looking for a slightly more 'natural' descent to the ground? Check out Austin events like hang gliding and accelerated freefall skydiving to really get the heart racing! Or get the senses tingling with excitement on an unforgettable ziplining tour! Brave three skybridges and six cable runs, reaching speeds of up to 30 MPH zipping from platform to platform — all while delighting in the picturesque scenery of Spicewood, Texas.

    Got a need for speed? Then put the pedal to the metal! Texas teeming with things to do in Austin, but don't underestimate a visit to Dallas to explore the Texas Motor Speedway. And by 'explore' we mean get behind the actual wheel of a real stock or Indy car to burn rubber on the TMS track! Or hop into the passenger's seat for a ride along, as a professional pushes the car's horsepower full-force, on hot asphalt that eagerly lacks in speed limits.

    Gunnin' for an adventure that will get your hands dirty? Austin experience gifts like stunt (action hero) training, sailing and rowing lessons, paintballing, and rock climbing will easily do just that — plus leave you with memories for years to come!

    So what are you waiting for? Get your heart racing with action-packed things to do in Austin today!