Stock Car Ride Along Experiences

Experience the lightning-fast speeds of a stock car ride along! Ride along in a race car to feel the thrill of a pro race car driver zipping you around real NASCAR racing tracks. Book for yourself or give as a gift today!

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  • Ride on Pro Circuit Stock Car Racing Tracks!

    Skip the stands and TV screens — and buckle up for a ride along in a REAL stock car, right on pit road instead!

    Experience the sheer exhilaration of stock car racing at its fastest and finest! Virgin Experience Gifts is the best pit stop for making big NASCAR dreams a brilliant reality. Whether for yourself or as a gift to your favorite auto racing fan — check out driving experiences at that featuring unforgettable stock car ride alongs!

    Discover first-hand what it's like to set foot on the very same tracks raced by the pro circuits. Then go a step further and hop into an authentic Sprint Cup style stock car itself! A ride along is the ultimate ticket to burnin' rubber, thanks to the expert skills of a racing school's talented crew. So if you've ever wondered how fast NASCAR cars go, there's no time like go-time to find out for yourself! Slide into the passenger's seat of a stock car, strap in, and hang on tight! Relish the take-your-breath-away thrill of hitting lightning-fast speeds as a professional driver zips around the track, hugging turns and taking full advantage of straightaways to deliver a ride jam-packed with G-force!


    What to Expect When Participating in a Stock Car Ride Along

    First and foremost, get ready for the ride of a lifetime — literally! This unique racing experience is guaranteed to bring unforgettable memories and plenty of 'need for speed' stories that are sure to be told over and over again. So get ready to lose sleep the night before you head to the track, out of eager anticipation for the exciting day ahead!

    When you arrive for your big event, simply follow signs to the check-in area. Tracks that host stock car racing experiences can be HUGE places, with multiple entrances and staging areas. Racing schools do their best to post temporary signage if permitted, to help direct participants. But it's a smart move to give yourself plenty of navigation time, even if it's a track you've already visited. And don't be afraid to ask track employees for further directions to the stock car ride along venue — they're experts at getting folks to their final destinations!

    Upon arrival, any necessary waivers are completed. Once the adventure at hand is signed off on, it's time to get oriented about the experience, as well as suit up in gear from head to toe — the same sort donned by NASCAR racing pros! The track crew will provide important FYIs regarding topics such as how to get in and out of the stock car, what to expect, and safety protocol.

    Before you know it, the big moment has arrived! It's time to shimmy through the car window and into the passenger's seat. With the click of buckles and perhaps a "game face" nod from your pro driver, out of pit road you'll peel! Stock car ride alongs vary in length and duration. Most experiences involve options ranging from two or three laps around a track, all the way up to six — depending on location and racing school. With a 600 HP engine under the hood, your spin around the track will be lightning-fast, giving you a true feel for just how fast NASCAR cars go!

    Keep in mind that the racing school's pro drivers want to give you the very BEST ride possible. In order to do so, the first lap of the stock car ride along experience is used to do exactly what real NASCAR racing pros do: come out of pit road, gradually building up speed, momentum and tire-to-track friction — so as to safely and effectively reach top speeds, enjoyed from the second lap around the track and beyond!


    Stock Car Ride Along Track Locations (Subject to Change):
    Use the blue "Get Started!" box above to find a track near you!

    • Atlanta Motor Speedway
    • Auto Club Speedway
    • Charlotte Motor Speedway
    • Chicagoland Speedway
    • Daytona International Speedway
    • Dover International Speedway
    • Gateway International Raceway
    • Homestead Miami Speedway
    • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
    • Kansas Speedway
    • Kentucky Speedway
    • Las Vegas Motor Speedway
    • Michigan International Speedway
    • Myrtle Beach Speedway
    • New Hampshire Motor Speedway
    • Phoenix International Raceway
    • Pike's Peak International Raceway
    • Pocono Raceway
    • Richmond International Raceway
    • Talladega Superspeedway
    • Texas Motor Speedway
    • Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

  • Stock Car Ride Along Experience FAQs

    What is the duration of a stock car ride along experience?

    The entire ride along racing experience (from arrival at the track to departure from it) generally lasts about two hours. When you aren't prepping for the ride of a lifetime or zipping around the track in an authentic Sprint Cup stock car, you'll enjoy time to snap photos on pit road and take in the atmosphere of a real NASCAR race track from right on the asphalt!

    The duration of your ride along time in the stock car depends on factors like track length and conditions, as well as the opted for lap-count package. Harnessing a 600 HP stock car, a pro driver typically covers a lot of track territory in a very short amount of time—which is what this experience is all about! For example, a 3-lap ride along can often be completed in an estimated 90 seconds. But remember, times vary given a track's characteristics, as well as accounting for safe acceleration from and braking into pit road, as part of the ride along's first and last laps.

    For any track time in-between, get ready for the most heart-pounding MPHs and G-force filled experience of your life! Stock car ride alongs are often compared to the extreme thrill of skydiving: while the experience may not take very long to execute in "real time," the sheer adrenaline rush and intensity of the atmosphere at hand go entirely unrivaled, making time almost seem to slow as participants are absorbed in the mind-blowing moment! While any lap-count is a worthwhile option, opting for a 6-lap ride along (when/where offered and available) always comes highly recommended, in order to take advantage of the most dazzling amount of track time possible.

    Who can participate in stock car ride alongs?

    Height, weight and age requirements often vary across NASCAR racing schools and track locations. So a good rule of thumb is to contact Virgin Experience Gifts prior to purchasing or booking a ride along, to confirm participation eligibility at a track of choice — especially if this experience serves as a gift or surprise for someone other than yourself. Rider requirements can also be found under the "Key Info" section of the stock car ride along experiences listed in specific regions here on our website.

    Fun fact: stock cars do not have doors! So apart from individual rider specifications across racing schools, participants must be able to climb through the car's window with minimal assistance, which sits about 36" off the ground and is 15" high x 30" wide.

    Can family and friends come watch?

    Absolutely! Some NASCAR racing tracks that host stock car ride along experiences offer a special seating area for spectators. Others welcome guests, but recommend they bring their own lawn chairs. More information regarding spectator accommodations is often offered under the "FAQs" section of the listings for ride alongs in specific regions on our website.

    Where do participants go once at the track?

    NASCAR racing tracks are often very big places. Racing schools do their best to provide parking info and navigation tips in advance, which are then communicated to participants (if available) by Virgin Experience Gifts in all booking confirmation emails. Some tracks will also offer temporary signage, if possible. And should you have any doubts upon arrival, just ask! The track/office personnel will be happy to help direct you to parking and/or pit road — which is where all stock car racing experiences ultimately start and end.