Philadelphia Flying Experiences

Come soar with exhilarating Philadelphia Flying Experiences! From helicopter tours to learning to fly, and even skydiving, treat yourself or thrill a loved one with unforgettable high-flying adventures in the City of Brotherly Love.

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    Take flight in bold, new ways with Philadelphia flying experiences from Virgin Experience Gifts!

    From scenic air tours to adrenaline-pumping outings, Virgin Experience Gifts offers countless ways for you to soar over Philly's city sights and beyond.

    Hover your way over the most brilliant things to do in Philadelphia! A daytime helicopter tour of the "Birthplace of America" is the perfect way to share in unique sightseeing with one or two of your closest friends or family. Or take a spin high overhead on a romantic sunset heli tour for two over Philly — the golden glow of the city below, coupled with sipping champagne, makes for a most memorable date night! And for those venturing to New Jersey, be sure to soak up stunning views of Atlantic City or the state's lush countryside from the remarkable comfort of an air tour aboard a Robinson R-44 helicopter.

    For truly timeless Philadelphia flying experiences, climb into the basket of a public or private hot air balloon ride! Drift serenely above rolling New Jersey landscapes, leaving the hustle and bustle of everyday life far behind. Then enjoy hors d'oeuvres and a traditional champagne toast upon landing, celebrating the marvelous views that were savored on this unforgettable air-venture.

    Time to tackle some bucket list wishes? Try a round of tandem skydiving, or make dreams of pilot lessons a reality! Learn to fly an airplane or helicopter, right from behind the controls of the aircraft. Enjoy a brief ground instruction with an FAA certified flight instructor. Assist with a pre-flight inspection, buckle up, and take-off for the hands-on flying lesson of a lifetime! Learn the fundamentals of aviation and basic aerial maneuvers, with your instructor seated beside you every step of the way! And for those adrenaline junkies who want to really up the ante on their sky-high flight lesson: a mission as a fighter pilot for a day is not to be missed!

    With Philadelphia flying experiences like these, it's tough not to fall head over heels for the things to do in "The City That Loves You Back!"