Adventure Activities in New York

Shop an incredible selection of adventure gifts & experiences in New York. Choose from a variety of thrilling activities like tandem hang gliding, jet ski tours or racing an exotic. Give an unforgettable activity gift or book for yourself.

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  • Extreme "Sightseeing" in NYC

    You haven't really seen New York 'til you admire it with these wild 'n' unforgettable NYC adventure activities!

    Make some moves to break the mold from traditional sightseeing tours, heading off the beaten path of NYC. With its impressive cluster of skyscrapers huddled around the Hudson River and NY Harbor, the most exciting ways to see New York City are with adventures by H2O and air!

    Explore the Big Apple's most celebrated landmarks with the most unique and adrenaline-pumping thrills the city can offer by water! There's no tour in NYC you'll find that's quite like one that's done on a personal watercraft. Hop on a jet ski for a New York adventure that sends you zippin' past famous sites like Chelsea Piers, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Brooklyn Bridge and even Yankee Stadium. And there's always the option to race across the open water, experiencing the exhilarating speed and performance your jet ski is capable of! And for all the fun, but a little less of the splash factor, jump on one of the slightly drier things to do in NYC: a sailboat ride on the Hudson. The stunning views and gentle rock of the boat are enough to get the heart racing and wind in the hair, while still traversing at comfortable (and less damp) pace.

    Feelin' the itch to take to the sky to scope out the NYC 'scrapers and beyond? Virgin Experience Gifts showcases an array of flying experiences in New York that will take your breath away! Not only that, but they come with unrivaled views of the city skyline, Jersey Shore, NY and NJ countrysides, too.

    Buckle into an impressive selection of aircraft that deliver memories to last a lifetime with the likes of aerial adventures in New York like helicopter tours, plus private and public hot air balloon outings. Have a history buff on your hands? Check out cool excursions with a vintage twist aboard T-6 Warbirds, 1940's biplanes, and C-47 D-Day flight experiences.

    The exhilarating ways to spread your wings don't stop there… With flying lessons in airplanes and helicopters available and no previous experience necessary to enjoy them — it's time to make great big bucket list wishes come true! Hop straight into the pilot's seat to head for new heights with one of the most incredible things to do in NY. Soar over picturesque landscapes with your hands on the aircraft's controls. Depending on the lesson chosen, you'll take off from airports like Republic, Westchester County, or Sky Manor after a brief ground orientation. Then marvel at the vast expanse below as you try your hand at maneuvers like ascending, descending, turning, and more on these epic NY adventure activities!

    Prefer to feel the fresh air on your face as you explore things to see around NY and beyond by hitting the asphalt? Get in on a Harley Davidson rental for one, two or three days! Soak up sites in Manhattan at your own pace, or escape the concrete jungle to hit the open road, anticipating the adventures that await.

  • The Biggest Adrenaline in the Big Apple!

    Don't miss out on Manhattan's biggest, boldest thrills with these top New York adventures!

    Whether sticking around the city limits of NY or venturing just outside them to snag some adrenaline, Virgin Experience Gifts has the hook-up for any "get-the-heart-racing" need! From grand urban adventures in NYC, to fun-filled outdoor activities in the surrounding areas — there's truly something for everyone and a variety of interests from which to choose.

    Sticking around town? Race against the clock, dashing through the Big Apple like never before with one of the most unique things to do in NYC! A DaVinci's Gold Scavenger Hunt is a clever way to go where you haven't yet gone before in NYC, exploring nooks and crannies, and darting from destination to destination while solving riddles and clues. Your brain is sure to get the ultimate workout, as well as quite the rush, while you bust a move to be the first back to the finish line!

    Up for a more physical challenge? A unique New York adventure like a trapeze lesson is the perfect remedy! Start wheelin' and dealin' some aerial tricks, enjoying all of the butterflies that come with 'em. Or maybe you're more enamored with the mystery behind martial arts? Suit up for the ninja lesson of a lifetime, learning the combat techniques behind the 900-year ways of ancient warriors.

    Not into ninjas? Well what about spies? Learn how to drive like one with one of NYC's most fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping excursions; then finish the day with a simulated carjacking scenario that tests your newly-acquired auto handling skills! And for additional race car experiences in NY that are geared towards putting the pedal to the metal —but with less of a chase/escape mission and more for sheer thrills on the open road— don't miss out on countless ride alongs and drives! Hop behind the wheel of the ultimate dream car with New York adventure activities in exotics: Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Audis! And if more rugged vehicles are the name of your horsepower game, then miles of smiles await with racing in stock and Formula 2000 cars on professional tracks near NYC like the famed Pocono Raceway!

    Looking for extreme sports that will really immerse you in the great outdoors? Move off the beaten path of NYC, heading far beyond city limits to take advantage of the thrills Mother Nature has to offer! Experience the rush of new heights in peaceful surroundings with outings like ziplining and hang gliding in New York. Soar over beautiful landscapes and lakes, or swing between trees at exhilarating speeds. Tango with the rowdy rapids of the Hudson and Black Rivers on white water rafting excursions. Or take to the 'water' in downhill ways with a snow skiing trip to Hunter Mountain!

    With fun outdoor activities and things to do in NY like these, the adventures in New York and the surrounding area simply can't be beat. So take the plunge, fly sky-high, burn rubber, enjoy a rush of adrenaline. And make heart-racing memories to last a lifetime!