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Las Vegas Things To Do & Experiences

Las Vegas is full of a number of great experiences like Vegas strip helicopter tours, exotic car racing, cocktail & dinner tours & more. These Las Vegas experiences make great gifts for family or friends, or you can book one for yourself!

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  • Dazzling Things To Do in Vegas!

    Hit the jackpot with Virgin Experience Gifts's stunning collections of things to do in Las Vegas!

    Celebrate a special occasion or up the stakes on a trip to the "City of Lights" with Las Vegas attractions that lead to a lifetime of winning memories.

    One of the most impressive things to do in Vegas is strolling The Strip to take in the area's exciting sights and sounds. So why not add some unique bells and whistles to your sightseeing, by soaring over the famous city and surrounding areas? Hop in a helicopter for a tour. Take piloting lessons. Twirl, spin and try aerobatic loops, taking Las Vegas sightseeing to new extremes! Float leisurely over the desert on a hot air balloon ride. Or launch someone into the ultimate combat mission or skydiving excursion!

    Have a car buff on your hands, with a hankering for horsepower? Cruise out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for an abundance of thrilling driving experiences! Get a first-hand feel for the track's 1.5 miles of racing turf, complete with Las Vegas attractions like ride alongs and drives in stock cars, dragsters, and exotic makes and models like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Audis, and more!

    Brave enough to go for a spin with a professional driver behind the wheel? Then buckle up for one of the most exhilarating Las Vegas experience gifts around! Hang on tight as a driver whips around the track or road course with delightful disregard to speed limits, maximizing the car's breathtaking potential along straightaways, curves, and hairpin turns!

    Want to hop behind the wheel of a Lamborghini? The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is the perfect place to make that bucket list wish come true! Enjoy a quick, comprehensive class on the track's geography, driving lines, communication, car mechanics, and more. Then suit up and get into the driver's seat of a fast 'n' flashy hot rod, ready to unleash a need for speed on the road course. Benefit from in-car coaching with a pro as you zip around the course in a Porsche or preferred set of wheels, to ensure your outing is as adrenaline-pumping as possible!

    On the hunt for more action and adventure in the "Entertainment Capital of the World?" Strap on a hydro-powered jetpack, embark on a mini baja chase in the desert, operate large and in-charge excavation machinery, explore the Grand Canyon, head into the sunset on horseback, and more!

    Wondering what to do in Las Vegas to unwind? Relish some R-&-R with laid-back outings like a food tour, spa escape, or golf experience.

    With things to do in Las Vegas like these and so much more, everyone's a guaranteed winner!

  • Up, Up & Away!

    Explore the "City of Lights" with Las Vegas experience gifts that fly high!

    Take entertainment and Las Vegas sightseeing to new heights. Virgin Experience Gifts offers a generous collection of airborne things to do in Vegas that sweep locals and visitors alike right off their sweet feet!

    Take to the skies for the ultimate air venture, admiring the famed city and surrounding expanse right from the pilot's seat of a helicopter or airplane! Enjoy a brief ground instruction, then prepare to launch for an exclusive hands-on lesson from an FAA certified flight instructor, making high-flying dreams come true!

    Up the ante with air activities in Las Vegas that are the perfect fix for any thrill-seeker. Hop into a real jet for a fighter pilot mission; give barrel rolls a go on a heart-pounding aerobatic ride; or take the ultimate plunge with a skydiving outing!

    Of course, there's always the option to sit back, relax, and soar with Las Vegas experience gifts, too! Admire the glistening lights and catchy sights of The Strip below on a stunning helicopter tour. Want to escape the city for a bit? Check out tours that explore the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon, Mohave Desert, and Hoover Dam from high overhead, instead!

    Or take in the sunrise from the tranquility of a public or private hot air balloon ride, gliding quietly over the vibrant city — that may or may not be sleeping (*wink, wink!*).

    So lift your spirits with things to do in Las Vegas that make soaring through the skies an unforgettable way to spend any day among the "City of Lights"!

  • Seek Adventure!

    Load up on adventurous things to do in Las Vegas!

    Whether you're looking for fun in the skies above, or a dune buggy adventure for the family on the desert sand below — Virgin Experience Gifts is your one-stop shop for action-packed Las Vegas attractions!

    With the Grand Canyon and expanse of desert near the famous "City of Lights," big adventures are just waiting to be had! Take scenic aerial tours of the Grand Canyon, wondering in awe at the mighty crevasses carved by nature. Up the ante on a Vegas outing by adding a white water rafting trip to it, launching from the renowned Hoover Dam!

    Embark on a guided dirt bike excursion, riding through the Californian Mojave National Preserve and marveling at volcanic landscapes, Joshua Trees, ancient Indian petroglyphs and historical gold mining areas of Primm, Nevada. Or hit the open road to do Las Vegas sightseeing at your leisure with a Harley Davidson rental for up to three days!

    Looking for more fun things to do in Las Vegas that make for amazing memories? Explore Red Rock Canyon and Spring Mountain by horseback, complete with views of the Vegas lights, a barbeque under the stars, and a campfire with s'mores! Ride along narrow trails on the canyon floor, spot coyote dens, look for desert wildlife, and hear tall tales of western history from your guide.

    For great family-oriented things to do in Vegas, look no further than an invigorating dune buggy adventure! Laugh and play over 15,000 acres of diverse terrain on the Vegas Dunes just a short ride outside of The Strip. Zig, zag, and rumble over sand dunes, gravel, dried creek beds, valleys, hills and trails — enjoying fun for the whole family!

    And for a more challenging excursion, let Las Vegas experience gifts rock 'n' roll you across the dunes of the Amargosa Valley, or put you in control of some of the world's largest excavating machinery!

  • Get in on the Action!

    Want to check out even more action-packed Las Vegas experience gifts?!

    Make any day in Las Vegas absolutely legendary by packing a solid punch of adrenaline to it!

    Check out things to do in Las Vegas that let you thunder around the race track. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway comes with a huge fleet of driving experiences, guaranteed to satisfy any need for speed! Put the pedal to the metal with horsepower-hungry vehicles like stock and Indy cars, dragsters, and exotic sets of wheels!

    Or check out Las Vegas activities that take you to the desert, like a heart-pounding mini baja chase with family or friends across the Dunes! Explore the exciting terrain, zipping around the sandy hills as fast as your heart desires!

    And speaking of speed — take it to the skies! Kick high-flying fun up a notch and savor some friendly competition among Nevada's clouds with a real air combat mission! Ready, set, soar in a jet, giving gambling a whole new meaning with dueling dogfights, dodging laser-"ammo," and pulling some seriously sweet G-force in the air up there.

    And don't forget! Experience gifts like this also make for some impressive Las Vegas sightseeing, too — in-between adrenaline rushes.

    So set up some action-packed things to do in Las Vegas today—because there's no time like the present to bet on the adventure of a lifetime!