Indianapolis Flying Experiences

Flight experiences are your ticket to the skies! Choose from flying experiences in Indianapolis including hot air balloon rides, flying lessons, fighter pilot missions, scenic air tours & more. Book for yourself or give as a gift today!

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  • Fly High!

    Soar through uncharted territory with unforgettable Indianapolis experience gifts!

    Explore the "Circle City" by making rounds high above renowned Indianapolis attractions! From whimsical to wild, Virgin Experience Gifts offers an array of ways to enjoy the air up there.

    Prepare for take-off to catch a stunning sunrise or sunset aboard a hot air balloon! Whether you go for a private ride, or opt to share your outing in a (public) basket of soon-to-be flying friends, you're in for one of the most memorable things to do in Indianapolis. Peacefully float through the atmosphere, admiring completely unrivaled views of the cityscape and Indianapolis attractions shimmering in the distance.

    Up the airborne ante with experience gifts that take Indianapolis activities to heart-pounding new heights! Embark on an Aerobatic Biplane Thrill Ride of a lifetime, and pack as many high-performing aerial maneuvers possible into your flight! Although a professional pilot is in control of the plane, you call all of the shots — from what tricks to pull, to when to pull them. Try barrel rolls, loops, tailspins, upside-down flying, gyroscopic tumbles, hammerheads, high speeds, intense G-force, and much more!

    Want to do the actual flying? Take an intro lesson and test the waters of the aerial acrobatics world for yourself! After a pre-flight training session, the sky is all yours for a one-hour flight, with further on-the-spot instruction from your professional FAA-certified co-pilot.

    And for air-venturous Indianapolis experience gifts that get you going hands-free, there's no better time for a thrill-seeker to catch some of the area's stunning scenery than on a skydive or accelerated freefall!