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  • Top Things to Do in Connecticut

    Hook someone up with the hottest Connecticut experience gifts — yourself included!

    It's no secret that Virgin Experience Gifts offers the most exciting things to do in Connecticut. So are you in on them yet?!

    Indulge in creative ways to enjoy favorite Connecticut attractions with guided city tours of New Haven and the surrounding area. Join a food tour and explore Downtown, the Canal Quarter, the Theater District, and even venture up to Goatville — appropriately named for its farmland history. Stroll along picturesque urban scenery. Sample the culinary expertise featured at renowned hot spots, and discover hidden gems that come with delicious findings!

    For a truly unique Connecticut wining and dining experience, take to the water! Embark on an unforgettable lunch or Sunday brunch cruise aboard an authentic tall ship. Or savor a traditional east coast feast on a lobster cruise.

    And that's not all the water's great for – catch stunning views of the area's majestic aquatic expanse from high overhead on Connecticut experience gifts that take you sky-high!

    Want to 'fly' around a track, instead of among the clouds? Put the pedal to the metal with unique driving experiences! Get an up-close and personal look at the racing world's renowned Thompson International Speedway, right from the passenger's seat of a real stock car. Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime as a professional driver takes you around Connecticut's famous oval, burning rubber around the track's hot asphalt, pulling Gs around the tight curves and pushing the car to speeds of 120+ MPH!

    Have your own need for speed that needs satisfying? Make the very most of a memorable Connecticut attraction — hop into the driver's seat of a Sprint Cup style stock car, tackling the same turf raced by the NASCAR pros! Need another option so that family and friends can hit the track with you, or head to the stands to cheer? The Pocono Raceway makes a great alternative, for those who are brave enough to challenge the Pennsylvania area's "Tricky Triangle"!

    With things to do in Connecticut like these, it's easy to make any day extraordinary — and extraordinarily unforgettable!

  • Start Soaring!

    Experience the highest-flying things to do in Connecticut!

    If you're like most Connecticut locals or visitors, you've probably immersed yourself in the "Nutmeg State's" breathtaking outdoor scenery and quaint, colonial cityscapes.

    Can't get enough of it? We don't blame you! With air-venturous Connecticut experience gifts that range from ambling leisurely through the air, to absolutely adrenaline-pumping, there's every reason to take sightseeing and activities to new heights!

    Embark on an outing that provides not only picturesque views, but fantastic food and drink, too! Let an FAA certified pilot launch you on a flight for two, soaring over Connecticut attractions like the glistening river below, as well as landmarks and surroundings of the City of Hartford on a 45-minute flight. Descend for a delicious lunch or dinner in a private setting, featuring champagne and a three-course meal of steak or lobster. There's no better way to explore the area for the day, or up the ante on a romantic date night!

    It's time to triumphantly tackle a bucket list wish. Take to the skies for a piloting lesson that puts you in control of a real Piper Tomahawk airplane! Enjoy a brief ground orientation and assist with the pre-flight inspection of the aircraft. While the FAA certified flight instructor handles take-off and landing, the lesson is entirely hands-on once cruising altitude is reached, allowing for on-the-spot coaching amid stunning scenery. For things to do in Connecticut that are surely not to be missed, this experience is at the top of the list!

    Dare to really defy gravity, as Connecticut attractions are beautifully showcased below! Be dazzled by the extreme aerodynamics, dogfight maneuvers, G-force, and laser "ammo" of a real fighter pilot mission on the east coast! Share the cockpit with jet-flying pros and military experts, learning the ins and outs of achieving true Topgun status.

    The sky's the limit when it comes to Connecticut experience gifts offering only the most memorable aerial adventures!

  • Cruisin' Along!

    Don't miss out on Connecticut experience gifts that make any H2O outing a splash!

    And the best part? You don't even need to get into the water to enjoy them! Virgin Experience Gifts features remarkable things to do in Connecticut waters that can be enjoyed entirely from the dry bliss of a majestic boat!

    Embark on the sailing experience of a lifetime aboard an authentic tall ship, the Mystic Whaler — boasting 100 powerful feet of solid body and 3,000 square feet of strong sail! Set out on the high seas (or, at least, some of the area's most scenic waters) for a 3-hour excursion offering unrivaled views of the coastline and Connecticut attractions.

    Choose a feast that you most fancy! Enjoy a beautiful breeze during a serene Sunday brunch, with coffee and all the finest brunch fixings. Marvel at the setting sun while sailing along and savoring a mouthwatering lobster dinner. Or give 'lunch hour' a whole, new meaning while leisurely floating over gentle waves.

    Glide along Fishers Island Sound, taking in picturesque scenery featuring Fort Trumbull, Fort Griswold, and the lighthouses of Ledge Light and Avery Point.

    Looking for more things to do in Connecticut's wonderful world of water? Makes waves with a host of additional adventures in the Land of Steady Habits. Hike along the state's many streams in the cozy cover of forests, and discover modest waterfalls tucked into the protection of out-of-the-way places. Stroll barefoot along miles of tranquil beachfront.

    And if you're craving an adrenaline rush, why not check with a local Chamber of Commerce to get the hook-up with Connecticut water activities like wakeboarding, water parks, scuba diving, kayaking, canoeing, and more!

  • Connecticut's Culinary Finest

    Make the taste buds tingle with mouth-watering things to do in Connecticut!

    Calling all foodies! Satisfy a hunger for history, a craving for gourmet cuisine, and an appetite for east coast attractions — all with unique Connecticut experience gifts!

    Wine and dine on the east coast in a variety of scenic and scrumptious ways, including sightseeing and savory eats featured in New Haven's various neighborhoods.

    Immerse yourself in the rich architecture, delicious eats, and fascinating culture of the Canal Quarter! Nestled in the northern part of New Haven, try an unforgettable food tour that showcases Connecticut attractions, along with a most delectable smorgasbord from a variety of local restaurants and shops —coffee, pastries, juices, cheeses, spirits, beer, wine, cupcakes, and more!

    Wander quaint sidewalks, sampling the food and drink of the notorious Ninth Square Historic District. Delight in samples, lessons, and hands-on demonstrations along the way, all while taking in the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and landmarks found on the food tour featuring the best that downtown New Haven has to offer.

    Have a hankering to check out things to do Connecticut in the notorious Theater District? Enjoy an eclectic mix of renowned architecture and riveting history in New Haven, while relishing food and drink samples from local hot spots. Taste the likes of local fare like wine, cocktails, chocolate, kettle corn, ice cream, beer, pizza, sandwiches, and mouth-watering Mexican cuisine!

    And for a unique outing, just off the beaten path of New Haven, explore nearby Goatville. Appropriately named for its history of picturesque farmland, experience the area's transformation as one of the top neighborhoods for a rich restaurant culture. Indulge in elegant wine-tasting, classic pizza and sandwich stops, local soda sampling, and fancy French pastries — all while taking in the pleasant charm of nearby Connecticut attractions.

    With such tasty Connecticut experience gifts on the menu —not to mention delicious lunch, brunch and dinner cruise outings— east coast wining and dining never looked so good!