San Francisco Flying Experiences

Soar high above the Golden Gate City with thrilling experiences like learning to fly, hot air balloon rides, and scenic seaplane tours. Elevate your gift-giving game with unforgettable aerial adventures in San Francisco.

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    Private Plane Rides Over San Francisco

    Let aerial San Francisco tours take you up, up and away to view iconic sights from high overhead! Hop into a private plane and cruise among the clouds, away from the hype of the city streets. All the while, admire the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Coit Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, and the cityscapes of Oakland and San Francisco as they proudly display their magnificent features below. Whether by the light of day or the twinkle of night, these iconic sights will have you on top of the world.

    Scenic Plane & Hot Air Balloon Rides in San Francisco

    For airborne things to do in San Francisco's neighboring areas, check out scenic rides over Monterey Bay. Ever been on a hot air balloon ride? Float gracefully over beautiful landscapes as you take a wistful wander over Napa or Sonoma Valley. No matter the direction you go or the mode of flight you take, the scenery will never disappoint!

    Learn to Fly a Plane

    Or learn how to fly an airplane over Big Sur's stunning shorelines! Take control of a real Cessna aircraft, and enjoy expert flight instruction as you soar past famed San Francisco attractions and over Big Sur. Practice basic flight maneuvers while enjoying breathtaking views of the Pacific coastline, mountains, farmland, and even wildlife.

    Hang Gliding & Aerobatic Biplane Rides

    Keen to take adrenaline rushes to new heights? Head for the hills to cross hang gliding lessons off a bucket list! Pack some action into any day by boarding a variety of vintage aircraft like a P40 Warhawk, North American AT6 plane, or P51 Mustang. And to really put a new 'spin' on San Francisco sightseeing, embark on a heart-pounding aerobatic biplane flight — complete with loops, rolls, hammerheads and more!

    The sky's truly the limit when it comes to the best things to do in San Francisco with Virgin Experience Gifts's flying experiences!


    Launch into memorable air-ventures with San Francisco flying experiences!

    Virgin Experience Gifts is your ticket to the skies! Swoop, spin, soar and serenely glide over the beautiful west coast. Explore San Fran from high above, wondering at the majestic expanse below with hot air balloon rides, aerial tours, fighter jet missions, and more.

    Send yourself or someone you know sky-high to take in the sights and sounds of the city and its surrounding areas. Enjoy a scenic ride over Sonoma Valley in a biplane, or take an air tour of Monterey Bay — each complete with breathtaking views of the Pacific coast and potential wildlife sightings. Soar over San Francisco itself in a Cessna, spotting renowned landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and Fisherman's Wharf by day; or gaze at its dazzling city lights by the ambiance of night.

    Take a step back in time with a North American AT6 air tour of the San Francisco area. Or hop aboard a Napa Valley hot air balloon ride, surrounded by the peaceful atmosphere of sunrise; then cheers to the beautiful morning over a champagne breakfast with your pilot and fellow riders!

    And you can always up the ante in the air — if you dare! Check out exhilarating San Francisco flying experiences that let you learn how to fly, putting you right into the pilot's seat for a flight lesson. Take the controls of a real Cessna to learn how to fly over Big Sur or the Bay Area itself. Strap into a Citabria aircraft for piloting lesson unlike any other, braving figure-eights, loops, spins, barrel rolls, and more! Or see if you have what it takes to tackle dogfights and laser-ammo on a real San Fran fighter pilot mission!

    And to embrace the freedom of flight in an entirely engine-less way: hang gliding, tandem skydiving, and even indoor skydiving outings are second to none when it comes to flying experiences in San Francisco!