San Diego Adventure Activities

Discover the thrill of San Diego with adrenaline-pumping adventures like Jeep tours, GoCar tours, and kayaking. Make memories that go beyond the ordinary and give the gift of unforgettable experiences.

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    Take a love for the outdoors to the next level, with San Diego experience gifts that come action-packed. From airborne to aquatic, and horse-powered to high-flying, Virgin Experience Gifts has the perfect adventures awaiting all sorts of SoCal thrill-seekers.


    For those who love the freedom of fresh air, an abundance of San Diego activities are not to be missed! Take a freefall from an airplane on a skydiving excursion. Catch-and-release from high overhead in a trapeze lesson. Hike among the splendor of the spectacular San Gabriel Mountains, out to the Bridge to Nowhere for the ultimate bungee jumping experience! Or zig-zag around breathtaking scenery and cross sky-bridges on a ziplining canopy tour unlike any other!


    Want an adrenaline rush that comes with engines revving? Suit up and strap into a real Sprint Cup style stock car at the Auto Club Speedway, and hit speeds of 120+ MPH by either riding along with a pro or braving the track from behind the actual wheel! And for the car buff with a love for exotic makes and models, the exhilaration of rides and drives come via flashy San Diego attractions like Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Porsches, Audis and more — all just waiting to have the pedal put to the metal!


    Care to take an engine to the air? Make some of life's biggest bucket wishes come true with air-mazing opportunities like hot air balloon rides, flying lessons right in the cockpit of an airplane or helicopter, and real fighter pilot missions — complete with dogfights, laser "ammo" and expert instruction!


    Or instead of the highest-high, take on adventures in the sea below! Catch gnarly waves on a surfing lesson. Kayak among the LaJolla sea caves, keeping eyes peeled for intriguing aquatic life. Embark on a whale watching cruise! Or wrangle up diving gear and daredevil courage, hopping into waters teeming with great white sharks, for one of the most invigorating things to do in San Diego!