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Los Angeles is full of a number of great experiences like a NASCAR ride-along, dinner cruises, helicopter tours, bungee jumping & more. These Los Angeles experiences make great gifts for family or friends, or you can book one for yourself!

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    With so many fun things to do in Los Angeles, it's easy to make starry-eyed memories!

    Ahh, La La Land… Whether you're looking for some fresh weekend fun, or are hunting for the perfect Los Angeles experience gift to wrap up for someone else — you can't go wrong with Virgin Experience Gifts's extensive collection of LA activities!

    Enjoy elegant wining and dining. Superb shopping. Flashy cars. Celeb sightings. Delicious Los Angeles food tours. Daredevil stunts. Breathtaking aerial outings. Abundant beaches. Luxurious spa escapes. And that's only the beginning of the fine LA attractions that the west coast proudly offers both residents and visitors alike...

    Grand adventures aren't only for the big screen! Make larger-than-life memories with action-packed things to do in Los Angeles this weekend like helicopter excursions, adrenaline-pumping driving experiences, flying lessons, DJ classes, bungee jumping, biking tours, and more!

    Hop into the sleekest set of wheels to enjoy the trendiest (and fastest!) type of Los Angeles sightseeing — zipping around Fontana's Auto Club Speedway! Tackle the area's renowned oval track in a stock or Indy car, hitting take-your-breath-away speeds. Or take the driver's seat of a real exotic car, complete with in-car coaching from a professional on the road course. Charge hairpin turns and straightaways as you burn rubber behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche or entire fleet of fancy foreign rides!

    Want to explore the City of Angels at a more leisurely pace? Admire famed landmarks thanks to the best tours in LA featuring favorite things to do in LA like Segway rides, food sampling, Hollywood hikes, movie magic, and bikes. And for an exceptionally unique way to go about sightseeing, hop a plane or helicopter for an unrivaled aerial tour of this West Coast metropolis. Or board a boat for an unforgettable lunch, brunch or dinner cruise near Los Angeles — gourmet cuisine, stunning shoreline views, music, dancing and lots of photo ops are all included as a luxurious yacht floats past celebrated attractions in LA's neighboring areas.


    Looking for Los Angeles attractions that really get the heart racing?

    You've come to the right place — because folks on the big screen shouldn't have all the fun! Get in on adventurous things to do in LA that come loaded with bragging rights, adrenaline, and a whole lot of awesome.

    The Auto Club Motor Speedway is one of the most well-known venues for LA events that come packed with serious horsepower. Burn rubber on the track's 2 miles of hot asphalt, charging out of pit road to tackle intense straightaways and turns with a driving or ride along experience in a stock car, dragster or Indy vehicle. If a foreign affair is your type of auto-adrenaline fix, then the track's inner road course is not to be missed! Rev the engine of a Ferrari, Audi, Porsche, Nissan, Lamborghini right from the driver's seat, ready to take on heart-pounding hairpin turns with the squeal of fancy wheels!

    Want to make a splash with bold Los Angeles attractions on the water? Hang ten on a surfboard. Swim or kayak alongside some of the sea's most breathtaking creatures. Or for a truly jaw-dropping double-dare… dive with great white sharks!

    Brave things to do in LA that beat gravity at its own game! Take sightseeing in Los Angeles to wild extremes with the likes of tandem hang gliding, flying lessons or biplane thrill rides. Or spread your own wings with an indoor skydiving — a fun and safe outing for nearly any age of thrill-seeker! Of course, you can always comply with gravity instead, and experience the ultimate rush of bungee jumping off of LA's Bridge to Nowhere!

    With exhilarating Los Angeles experiences like these available, your action and adventure outing from Virgin Experience Gifts just might be the inspiration for Tinseltown's next big blockbuster!


    Soar above top Los Angeles attractions with Virgin Experience Gifts's flying experiences!

    If there's any place in America worthy of a mighty wingspan, it's the City of Angels! Check out old territory in a new way, find unique things to do in LA this weekend, or celebrate a special occasion with a flying experience in LA.

    It's easier than you can imagine to make sky-high dreams a reality. Embark on flying lessons – right from the pilot's seat of a plane or helicopter! After a brief ground instruction covering the basic mechanics and physics of aviation, participants will take to the air beside an FAA-certified flight instructor. With the aircraft controls at their fingertips, they'll practice maneuvers with hands-on coaching — all while taking in beautiful, unrivaled scenery of the finest LA attractions. And for those who wish to stay grounded but still want to fly, give a military flight simulator experience a try!

    History buffs, rejoice! Virgin Experience Gifts offers remarkable ways to enjoy sightseeing in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas with a vintage twist. Hop into a beautifully-restored 1920's open-cockpit biplane for a Red Baron thrill ride, full of aerial antics like loops and lazy-eights! Slow things down with a casual, scenic flight aboard a biplane. Or tap into aviation's simplest and most tranquil masterpieces with hang gliding lessons, hot air balloon rides, or a picturesque glider outing. No matter how you take to the skies, enjoy magnificent views of attractions in Los Angeles, Del Mar, La Jolla, Torrey Pines, Mission Bay, and more!

    Switch things up and feel a rush of air right under your own wings! Thanks to the genius behind wind tunnel flight, this is one of the best family-friendly things to do in LA. Nearly all ages can relish the fun and adventure of an indoor skydiving experience! So don some sweet jumpsuits with family or friends, and prepare for take-off!


    Plunge into the wonderful world of things to do in LA waters!

    Add a memorable splash to any weekend or special event in LA with water activities that range from serene to sporty. Conveniently nestled along the Pacific's picturesque shorelines and beaches, an array of aquatic escapes make for truly unique things to do in Los Angeles.

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy stunning views of attractions near Los Angeles aboard a scenic cruise or private sailing charter. Drift peacefully past renowned hot spots like the Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Malibu, and the Getty Center. Or head for the high seas for some the biggest sightseeing in LA — whale-watching by Newport Beach!

    For a truly unforgettable date night or outing with friends and family, take wining and dining out to the water. Escape the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, to enjoy fresh air and stunning scenery from the deck of a luxurious yacht. As one of the most elegant things to do in LA for lunch or dinner, you'll traverse past famed LA attractions and waterfront sights as you savor gourmet cuisine, sip fine wine, indulge in cash bars, and delight in live music. Want to start the week off strong? Raise a glass because a charming champagne brunch cruise near LA is a perfect way to do just that!

    Have a hankering to up the ante? Grab a paddle and cross pristine waters on a kayaking adventure! Explore the depths of the high seas (hook, line and sinker!) with a sportfishing outing. Treat yourself to a "hang 10"-worthy surfing lesson; or give a wave-runnin' friend the gnarliest LA experience gift around, with a chance to shape his or her very own surfboard!

    Add some adrenaline to the aquatic adventures with underwater attractions in Los Angeles! Capture magical moments with a digital photography session — below the water's surface. Or suit up in top-notch gear, strap on some bravery, and embark on thrilling excursions like diving with great white sharks!

    With so many fun things to do in Los Angeles this weekend and beyond, it's easy to make both an epic splash and timeless memories!