health benefits of surfingIf you’re looking to reap the full benefits of surfing, here’s something to avoid at all costs: life as a benny.

Sure, surfing is one of the most riveting spectator sports on the planet. You’ve seen it in the movies and on ESPN. Or right before your very eyes, from the comfort of cozy sand beaches. But far better than watching it… is doing it!


So why haven’t you caught a gnarly wave for yourself yet? For the love of hangin’ ten, it’s time to get your bum outta the sand and into the water!

Not only are you bound to fall in love with a new hobby or at least master a bucket list wish. But you’ll also delight in these healthy benefits of surfing.



Have a heart happy. A little cardio goes a long way for your health. A solid surf workout offers plenty of paddling to increase the heart rate. As an added bonus, shoulder and back muscles become strong and toned, too.

Pump some iron — without weights. Once you master the art of standing up on the board, expect a workout that highlights the surfing benefits of a strong core and legs as you maneuver through the water, capitalizing on muscle power and control.

Soak up some Vitamin D. Surfers! Do your skin a favor and lather up on sunscreen. Then let yourself enjoy the warm glow of the sun on your skin as you paddle, float and catch waves. A healthy, moderate exposure of sun helps your body produce natural vitamin D, which is essential for regulating your calcium, phosphorus levels, and skin cell growth.

Sleep like a rock. The odds of catching some solid zzz’s typically increases after adding some movin’ and shakin’ to your day. So a body that’s been exposed to a surf workout often scores sleep with amplified immediacy, depth and duration — so you feel pleasantly well-rested the next morning.

mental benefits of surfing


Delight in zen moments. Water often embodies a calming, magical ambiance. So when surfers are this immersed in the great outdoors, stress and tension peace out. And if you’re lucky enough to catch some sunrise waves, you’ll experience a rare, unrivaled tranquility before the rest of the world wakes up.

Engage in friendly competition. You don’t have to be a pro to take advantage of the surf benefits of friendly competition. Because sometimes the best ‘push’ comes from within yourself. Accept the internal challenge to continue improving. Small growth spurts can lead to big, satisfying results in your surfing game.

Connect with a unique community. Much like daily life with your friends on land, you’ll find your surfer ‘squad’ on water. Forget what pop culture surfing movies or stereotypes have led you to believe. This circle of water-buddies will lend you support, encouragement and advice to be the best surfer you can be!

Sharpen your ‘sea smarts.’ Surf workouts won’t just strengthen your body, but also your mind. The ocean is one of the most dynamic entities on the planet.  As a surfer, you’ll develop a growing ability to understand its M.O., identifying healthy versus hazardous circumstances (noting water colors, surface texture, wave types, debris, etc.) — rip currents, in particular. These skills will increase with experience, but formal training from experts is essential before you hit any H2O. Even if you’re not tethered to your board, you never know when this information will come in handy!

All that said, if the ocean waves are calling (even just a tiny bit), these benefits of surfing are reasons you must go.


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