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Phoenix is full of a number of great experiences like a trapeze lesson, golf lessons with a PGA pro, Indy car driving or a ride-along & more. These Phoenix experiences make great gifts for family or friends, or you can book one for yourself!

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    Arizona's vibrant capital comes bursting with a hearty mix of city life and outdoor action, coupled with an appreciation for leisure and recreation. So enjoy Phoenix experience gifts that offer only the most unique ways to explore the stunning Southwest of the U.S.!

    Marvel at the modern cityscape and historic neighborhoods, accented by the influences of Indian and Spanish art and architecture, with an abundance of surrounding natural beauty. Take advantage of Phoenix attractions and sightseeing in any number of ways — from high overhead, behind the wheel of a horsepower-packed car, immersed in the great outdoors, and indulging in brilliant hands-on cultural connections.

    Embark on the aerial adventure of a lifetime with things to do in Phoenix that are full of high-flying fun! Glide effortlessly over the tranquility of the desert on a hot air balloon ride. Then top off your sunrise or sunset Phoenix sightseeing excursion with a traditional champagne toast.

    Soar above the magnificent expanse of the Grand Canyon on an airplane tour! Take in picturesque views of not only this Natural Wonder of the World, but also the Painted Desert, Navajo Indian Reservation, Montezuma's Well, the Red Rocks of Sedona, and more!

    If your breath hasn't already been taken away enough, up the airborne ante with some heart-pounding air ventures! Fly an airplane yourself to do some of the best Phoenix sightseeing around on a piloting lesson. Or pull some Gs with an aerobatic thrill ride or fighter pilot mission!

    Prefer your adrenaline rushes to come by ground instead? Check out Phoenix experience gifts like race car driving, four-wheeling, and fishing!

    Or simply unwind with some of the most relaxing things to do in Phoenix — golf outings, spa escapes, and the chance to chow down in "Arizona's Urban Heart!”